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Lizzo Has No Time For Body Shamers, Thank You

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

If there’s one thing Lizzo can be counted on, aside from giving chart toppers that have people dancing on Reels and TikToks, usher ability to deliver the perfect clapbacks to haters.

In the past, the singer has used her platform to call out fatphobic trolls who have nothing better to do other than shame a successful woman for living her best life.

But when the ‘Juice’ singer took the stage, in a stunning Madonna-inspired black conical bra look by Jean Paul Gaultier, at the recently held MTV VMAs, she used the opportunity to send out the message that’s something we all could do with.

Lizzo at MTV VMAs©Getty Images

In case you missed it, comedian Aries Spears had a lot to say about Lizzo during his interview with The Art of Dialogue recently. Aside from the vile comments he made for mocking her body and looks, he also masked his fatphobia as concern for her health and the image she is projecting for her young fans.

During her acceptance speech, after winning the ‘Video for Good’ award for her single ‘About Damn Time’, Lizzo urged people to vote and use their rights to fight oppressive laws. The singer then referenced the legendary Nicki Minaj clapback for Miley Cyrus at the 2015 VMAs (“the b*tches that got something to say about me in the press…”) and said she’s not going to address the haters even when people want her to respond, “Because b*tch, I’m winning, hoe! Big b*tch is winning, hoe!”

While she didn’t directly address Spears in her speech, it’s pretty clear that it was him she was referring to.

You can watch her full speech right here: