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#TheH!List: Dhruv Kapoor Redefining Fashion

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Manish Mishra

Fashion designer Dhruv Kapoor has been putting his inimitable brand of effortless chic on the global style map. Showcasing at Milan Fashion Week season after season, his individual take on glam-leisure reconciles his Gen Z sensibilities with Indian craftsmanship. With a delightful fusion of street sass and couture techniques, he elevates classic silhouettes through visually arresting details, vibrant hues, statement prints and embroideries. A masterful interplay of unusual pairings and a heightened focus on surface detailing makes each outfit extremely wearable without compromising on fun. HELLO! gets candid with him...

HELLO!: You’ve been consistently showing at Milan Fashion Week. How has the experience been?

DHRUV KAPOOR: “The experience has definitely evolved over time. My team and I have learnt a lot through our previous presentations and consistently look forward to this opportunity. It’s an honour to present Indian craftsmanship at a stage as big as Milan. I have met some amazing people throughout the process who have opened multiple doors for us in all directions.”

H!: You have a global Gen Z aesthetic. What’s your design process like?

DK: “We mostly start with things we dislike. We twist all these elements to a point that we are in love with them. Our reaction through seasonal collections is our response to floating mindsets. The aim is always to trigger emotion through print, colour or silhouette, devoid of boundaries and free from social or political restraints. Each collection is an unrestrained version of a contemporary society.”

H!: From experimental silhouettes in your initial years to becoming more print-heavy of late. Was this evolution conscious or organic?

DK: “It was very organic! We still retain some experimental styles or odd pairings to bring polar worlds together. My team and I consciously make an effort to never force a prevailing trend or direction into a new line. We collectively understand if something fits or if something is missing and work on it accordingly. But each season, our prints set the tone for the rest of the collection—over 50 prints are developed, and we slash them down to five. If one season we feel we don’t need a print, we’d seamlessly adapt to a projection based solely on colour and texture.”

H!: How important is Bollywood for your brand?

DK: “Bollywood is home, and I personally enjoy watching them in some of our creations. There are multiple clients within the industry, and at times, we know who’d buy what during the design process. It’s definitely exciting to see a stylist work their magic and re-approach our projected aesthetic in a refreshing format.”

H!: Any future plans for standalone stores in India or abroad?

DK: “Hopefully, soon. We are planning travelling pop- up stores that feature in our key markets globally and will conclude this process with standalone stores. I’d ideally start with one in Delhi.”

H!: Are you looking at corporate investments?

DK: “I’m not hunting for it, but observing the market from a distance. For me, it’s important that our visions match, and when the right one emerges, we will work on the opportunity.”

H!: How much has Milan street style influenced you?

DK: “The brand is a combination of the maximal aesthetic India has to offer and what I grew up with, merged with the minimal aesthetic and sharp tailoring I acquired during my time in Milan. Our collections are a mix of street and couture, where we aim to uplift classic silhouettes through exaggerated details, colour, print and embroideries. Odd combinations, unusual pairings and a huge emphasis on surface are key in each collection.”

H!: How would you interpret your personal style?

DK: “I have phases. Personally, I can live in baggy pants or sweatpants and a snug T-shirt. I’d sometimes play with prints or exciting colours, depending on how I want to feel.”

H!: The designers you look up to?

DK: “I always enjoy the way Miuccia Prada narrates her seasonal collections. At times, I might not like it instantly, but then it grows on me—this is the Prada effect. The new Jil Sander, Sunnei and Loewe are my other favourites.

H!: Any collaborations you’re looking at doing in future?

DK: “We are always on the lookout for new mindsets. I’m open to collaborate with people from all avenues—be it lifestyle, accessories or simply a space. There’s always something brewing at the office. Let’s retain the element of surprise; we’ll reveal it as it surfaces!

This story has been adapted for the website from a story that was originally published in HELLO! India’s August 2022 issue. Get your hands on the latest issue right here!