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Masaba Gupta Shuts Down Trolls Once Again

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Fashion designer-turned-actor Masaba Gupta is not one to suffer trolls in silence. Over the past years, she has used her social media platforms to be a vocal supporter of body positivity and freedom of opinion. More recently, she gave it back to a troll who decided to come for her looks with unwarranted comments about her not being fit to be on-screen because of her “bad” looks.

Gupta took a screenshot of the comment and shared it on her Stories, writing, “That’s cute. Let’s be clear being in any industry has to do with talent. Crazy hard work. Wild discipline. Yes? Yes. As for my face, that’s just a pretty bonus (as is my mind that is as sharp as a knife and your b******t wouldn’t get past it even if you tried).”

Masaba Gupta Story screenshot©Masaba Gupta

Back in 2017, the designer found herself under attack by vicious and anonymous online trolls for her support of the firecracker ban by the supreme court. The comments attacked her background to which she responded with a long Instagram post where she wrote, “Recently I retweeted in the support of the Firecracker ban by the Supreme Court and like every other issue in this country, big or small.. The trolling & bashing began. By calling me names like ‘b****** child’ or ‘illegitimate west Indian’ it only makes my chest swell with pride. I’m the illegitimate product of two of the most legitimate personalities you’ll find & I’ve made the best life, both personally and professionally... out of which I’m proud of.”

She also added that her legitimacy comes from her work and her contribution to the society and nobody can raise a finger to either of the two.

The Modern Love: Mumbai actress has also been one of the few celebrities who have spoken up about struggling with body image issues online. On many occasions, Gupta has used her Instagram to speak about the long time it took for her to accept her own body and feel comfortable in it with all its supposed flaws.

Aside from shutting down trolls, the actor is gearing up for the release of the second season of her Netflix show Masaba Masaba which will be available to stream on July 29.