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Avril Lavigne Just Recreated Her Iconic Album Cover And The Millennial In Us Just Can’t Keep Calm

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Avril Lavigne just gave millennials around the world a much-needed shot of nostalgia. Celebrating 20 years of her iconic album, Let Go, the ‘Sk8r Boi’ singer took to the streets of New York City to recreate the popular album cover shot.

Hopping onto a GenZ TikTok trend, Lavigne walked through the busy crosswalk on Canal Street and stared at the camera while crossing her arms, just like she did two decades ago for her first-ever album cover. Taking to Instagram, the punk rock singer thanked her “incredible fans” for supporting and giving her so much love all these years. A few weeks ago, the singer shared a post on Instagram to celebrate her iconic album saying, “It’s hard to try and comprehend how, 20 years later, the songs I wrote as a 17 year old would still resonate with people today. It’s pretty crazy.”

Avri Lavigne recently completed the Canada leg of her Bite Me tour for her latest album, Love Sux and has now joined Machine Gun Kelly for his Mainstream Sellout Tour as an opening act.