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Christina Aguilera And Mýa Took Us Back To The ’00s With This Iconic Hit

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Christina Aguilera has already made Pride Month 2022 one to remember with her biggest and most iconic musical hits. Taking on the stage as the headlining act at LA Pride’s Music Festival, Aguilera brought in 00s pop icon Mýa to perform her most popular song, ‘Lady Marmalade’ from the 2001 film, Moulin Rouge!

The two pop icons took the stage and gave the crowd one of the best nights of their lives. The ‘Beautiful’ singer also brought German singer-songwriter Kim Petras to join her for a rendition of one of her classic hits, ‘XXX’, giving people around the world a boost of some much-needed nostalgia. A loud and proud ally and icon for the community, Aguilera spoke to People about how grateful she is to the LGBTQ+ community. “I also want to mention that my friends in the LGBTQ+ community have helped me in ways that I will never forget. They’ve allowed me the freedom to be myself and share my deepest, darkest secrets with them,” she said.

And the night didn’t end there. What followed were powerpacked performances by our favourite socialite, Paris Hilton, who took the stage with a DJ set that included her close friend Britney Spears’ iconic track, ‘Toxic’, and her own song, ‘Stars Are Blind’ giving the music-goers a night of a lifetime.