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Kanye West Had A Lot Of Opinions About Kim Kardashian’s Style After Their Divorce

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Kim Kardashian opened up to sister Kourtney in the latest episode of The Kardashians and spoke about how ex-husband Kanye West told her that her “career was over” aftyer she styled herself for an event post their split.

The rapper doubled up as Kardashian’s stylist during a majority of their relationship and is responsible for some of the most talked about looks by the reality superstar over the past few years. In fact, if anyone has kept up with the Kardashians, they would know this from the now infamous closet makeover episode.

All this led the celebrity to a point where she started depending on her husband’s advice for everything, especially what she would wear in public.

This is why after filing for divorce last year, the beauty mogul began getting panic attacks when she had to decide what she should wear. According to her confession to her sister, she went into a spiral whenever she had to wear something that wasn’t pre-vetted. She called the entire experience “psychologically hard”.

“I’m trying to figure out: Who am I in the fashion world? Who am I by myself?”, she said, “I was always the Kardashians with my sisters, and then I was Kimye, like, who is Kim K? That is the jump. How do I get there without Kanye? When I filed for divorce, it’s been 10 months now, and I’m finally just like stepping out, being like, ‘I can do this’.”

It is well-documented that the couple didn’t have a clean and amicable split as reports of West harassing her and threatening her current boyfriend Pete Davidson publicly started surfacing. In the episode, Kardashian revealed that West had called her in November last year to comment on her appearance on a red carpet where she debuted the brown Fendi X Skims leather dress.

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According to her, the rapper told her that her career was over before showing her a picture of Marge Simpson wearing something similar. Until now, the reality star’s last big red carpet appearance was at the Met Gala where she made waves when she wore Marylin Monroe’s gown with Davidson accompanying her at the event.

So, whether you believe that her style was better under West’s keen eye or not, Kardashian is busy living her best life with her boyfriend and her kids.