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Shawn Mendes Opens Up About Feeling Constantly Overwhelmed In An Open Letter To His Fans

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Shawn Mendes has always been open about his mental health struggles with his fans. Taking to Twitter, the ‘Stitches’ singer penned down a heartfelt letter to his fans about feeling “overwhelmed”. He went on to say that he’s constantly feeling like he is “either flying or drowning” and that he’ss scared that if his fans find out, “they might think less of him”. “The truth is even with so much success, I still find it hard to feel like I’m not failing,” says Mendes.

The purpose behind this you ask? Mendes wanted to be vulnerable and speak his truth because it might “resonate with some people”.

Needless to say (and as should be), his fans came out in support of him. Shawn then took to Twitter to assure his fans that he is doing okay. “And i guess i’m like damn if i’m feeling this with all of the blessings I have, I imagine there must be so many people feeling this and just don’t want them to feel alone!!,” said “Treat You Better” singer.

The bottom line? Celebrities have insecurities too, and if you’re feeling overwhelmed today, just take solace in the fact that even your favourite singer has those days.