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6 Best Fashion Podcasts That You Need To Listen To For Inside Access, Latest Launches, And Literally Everything Fashion

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

In the last year, podcasts have become a popular medium of entertainment for many people. They’re also a great platform to discuss, analyse and learn about fashion. And with some of the best fashion insiders offering us words of wisdom on how to make it in the industry, there are a number of podcasts out there that aren’t just entertaining but also extremely informative.

So, the next time you’re doing that one-hour commute to work (sigh), here are some of our favourite podcasts that will keep you entertained:

Dressed: The History Of Fashion

A podcast for everyone who is a beginner in the fashion industry, Dressed: The History of Fashion gives you a detailed insight into the past, present, and future of fashion. With interviews featuring some of the best in the industry, Dressed is a great podcast to widen your fashion horizon.

Business Of Fashion

A biweekly podcast, you can trust The Business of Fashion for some reliable and current fashion news. Hosted by the founder and CEO Imran Amed, the podcast talks about all the major issues the fashion industry faces, with an impartial take on the situation.

So…What Do You Do Again?

A podcast hosted by Vogue’s market editor Naomi Elizée, So…What Do You Do Again? is a podcast that takes you through the journeys of women of colour in the fashion industry. Filled with humour and love, this podcast offers an honest insight into lives of people working in fashion, and aims to encourage young people of colour who are looking to make it in the industry.

Wardrobe Crisis

Climate change is a topic that the fashion industry needs to address urgently. As a large-scale industry, our actions have a great impact on the environment. Wardrobe Crisis, hosted by Clare Press, talks about the terrible side effects of the apparel industry and how we need to find solutions to solve this problem, which aren’t just ethical but also economical.

This Old Thing?

Vintage is the new new, or so it seems. People have found a new liking for vintage apparel and for all those who can’t get enough of it, this podcast is going to be your new favourite. Hosted by Bay Garnett, This Old Thing? invited illustrious guests to talk about life, tips, and their favourite vintage piece.

Fashion No Filter

Hosted by fashion influencer Camille Charriere and journalist Monica Ainley, Fashion No Filter gives its listeners an insider view of how fashion works. From runway stories to behind the scenes, this podcast will give you all the inside info about the fashion industry.