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Camila Cabello Got Real About Her Body Image Issues In An Instagram Post

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Camila Cabello has always been honest with her fans regarding her ups and downs in life. Recently, she shared a post on Instagram talking about how she has struggled with body image issues and the unrealistic beauty standards that are set for women. Whenever she went to the beach club in Miami, she found herself getting papped in the most unflattering angles and shots, only to see them published the next day and then receive hate on how she looked. This affected her self-esteem so much that she started avoiding eating a heavy meal before she went to the beach.

The ‘Havana’ singer said, “I held my core so tight my abs hurt and didn’t breathe and barely smiled.” She was so conscious about the paparazzi taking her pictures that she could barely even relax. Even though the Grammy-nominated singer knew that she looked good in her new bikini, she admitted that she “never had a worse time at the beach”.

She implores that we need to change the status-quo, where women are forced to look a certain way regardless of the toll it takes on their mental health. The ‘Senorita’ singer has often spoken about her struggles with her body image and mental health, in the urge to normalise talking about these topics. And while we’re a long way off, celebrities talking about their own struggles has certainly set the ball rolling.