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Incredible Songs By BTS That You Must Add To Your Playlist

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

BTS has taken over the international music scene. With a huge, growing fan base that is all over the world, the Korean group has no intentions of slowing down. Starting off as a hip-hop group, BTS slowly found their rhythm and experimented with various genres of music, encouraging people to see them as more than just a K-Pop group.

In 2020, BTS released their first-ever English-language song ‘Dynamite’, that much like its name, broke records worldwide. It changed how people saw the Korean music industry and showed the world that band could no longer be pigeon-holed to ‘K-Pop’. Soon after, they dropped ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission To Dance’ that became the dance anthem of the season. If you often find yourself picking BTS’s English songs to jam to for literally every little moment, you must listen to some of their best tracks.

Incredible BTS Songs

Baby ARMY or not, if you want to walk into the magical universe of BTS, here are some of the songs you need to add to your playlist.

‘No More Dream’

BTS 'No More Dream'©$credits

Making their debut into the world of K-Pop with a hip-hop track, ‘No More Dream’, BTS expresses society’s restrictions towards teens and how it forbids them from achieving their dreams.

‘Spring Day’

An ARMY favourite, ‘Spring Day’ is a song that can be interpreted in various ways. It motivates you to look forward to brighter, sunnier days that lie ahead even when times are tough. A comforting song for many, ‘Spring Day’ brought a whole new side of BTS to the forefront.


A fun, peppy song, ‘DNA’ is a track that talks about the destiny of two lovers and how they were meant to meet in this life. A true K-Pop song,DNA’ will have you on your feet in no time.

‘Black Swan’

A true piece of art, Black Swan unravels BTS’ deepest and darkest secrets. An orchestral ballad, this song is all about how BTS fears losing their passion for music and the anxiety that revolves around it.

‘Boy With Love’

One of their best artist collaborations, ‘Boy With Love’ featuring Halsey is a song that can make you feel joy in no time. A colourful and fun bop, ‘Boy With Love’ is all about being in love and appreciating the little moments.

‘Blood Sweat & Tears’

‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ is all about human desires, temptations, and sacrifices one makes to achieve it all. Inspired by the book Demian by Hermann Hesse, this song will enchant all of your senses, and is an absolute visual treat.


If you need a song that will pump you up in no time, it definitely has to be ‘ON’. This song from their Map Of Seoul 7 album is all about their journey together as a group and how they pushed the boundaries to get where they are.