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4 Lipstick Shades That Can Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

Sometimes, a single smile can brighten up your whole day. But what do you do when you’re looking to brighten up your smile? We all lead hectic and stressful lives which are dealt better with drinking a lot of coffee, wine and junk food, but these things are the major culprits of damaging the natural radiance of your smile as they tend to stain your teeth.

The solution to this is obviously to go in for teeth whitening and bleaching. But if you’re in a fix and don’t have the time for it, you can find some respite by relying on colour theory and choosing a lipstick shade that creates the illusion of whiter teeth.

As per colour theory, purple and blue shades can cancel our yellow and brown hues. So, a lipstick with those undertones can help make it seem like your teeth are actually whiter than they are. Additionally, lipsticks with shimmering elements like glitter or undertones of orange and gold can also help. Below, we’ve listed a few shades that can you can use to brighten up your smile:

4 Lipstick Shades To Make Your Teeth Seem Whiter Than They Are:

1. Red Lipstick With Blue Undertones:

One shade that inevitably brightens the white colour of your teeth in an instant is the colour red. For darker skin tones, red lipstick with blue undertones shades like burgundy and maroon work well. It flatters their complexion without being gaudy. Moreover, it gives the illusion of whiter teeth.

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2. Purple Lipstick

If you wish to add a touch of mystery to your makeup along with masking the yellowish tint in your teeth, then shades of plum are a no-nonsense pick. The deep hue of the tint gives an illusion of white teeth as purple cancels yellow in the colour wheel.

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3. Pinkish Red Lipstick

The colour pink gives the face a soft, feminine look while giving your lips a natural and fuller appearance, accentuating the Cupid’s bow and filling lip lines, thus diverting anyone’s attention from the yellow and brown pigments on your teeth.

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4. Turquoise Shades

For anyone wishing to incorporate an element of mermaid core into their makeup or create a bejewelled lip, then shades of turquoise are just the right pick for you. Moreover, the colour blue best complements the white element of your teeth, cancelling out the yellow and the brown, giving your smile a brighter appearance. And if you don’t want to go so bold, you can always use a gloss with blue undertones.

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