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4 Body Sculpting Treatments You Can Try This Summer

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Anushree Sardesai

HELLO! discovers the latest fads in body treatments for effortless sculpting. From fat-busting innovations to skin-reviving miracles, get ready to rock your beach-ready bod like never before…


Dr Amit Pathak, Senior Consultant at Kaya for Body Contouring

What is it? CoolSculpting is a patented non-surgical cooling technique designed to reduce fat in specific areas, using cryolipolysis — the only FDA-approved treatment of its kind in the US. Dr Amit explains, “In my last 10-plus years of experience, I have used many high-end fat reduction technologies but none have given the result closer to CoolSculpting. The client will not only get a reduction in volume but can achieve their desired shape.” Cryolipolysis freezes and eliminates fat cells by applying cold temperatures, targeting stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to traditional diet and exercise.


Who is it for? Anyone over 17; without any medical conditions.

What can you expect? Number of sessions required depends on factors like the client’s fat percentage, BMI, lifestyle and expectations. Even one treatment can bring significant changes. Clients can resume their routine right away, making it a convenient lunchtime procedure. Temporary side effects like mild pain, redness, and bruises usually fade in five to seven days. Though rare, paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (where fat cells grow larger instead of smaller) may occur, but it’s uncommon.

Emerald Laser

Dr Meghna Mour, Founder at Skuccii Supercliniq

What is it? An FDA-approved treatment for full-body fat loss, the Emerald Laser targets stubborn fat areas. This treatment works externally by breaking down excess fat without surgery or side effects common in procedures like liposuction, fat freezing or body wraps. “It’s a wonderful non-invasive and painless treatment that needs no post and pre care. It is indicated for inchloss, where only light energy goes through the body and targets white fat cells. Works on all age groups and even on people with a high BMI of 35 and above,” reveals Dr Meghna.

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Who is it for? Ideal for those with stubborn fat in specific areas resistant to traditional diet and exercise. Typically, these individuals are in good health, maintain stable body weight, and have realistic outcome expectations. Seeking non-invasive or minimally invasive body contouring options, they should consult a qualified medical professional to assess candidacy and ensure safety and effectiveness.

What can you expect? The Emerald Laser is carried out in a series of around six to 10 sessions, with one’s individual size and shape determining the course. As opposed to the other fat-reduction strategies, it requires no downtime after treatment sessions. There are no known side effects even though the process is both fast and painless.


Dr Jamuna Pai, Aesthetic Physician, Founder and Managing Director at SkinLab

What is it? An innovative body sculpting procedure that harnesses high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology to trigger intense muscle contractions, EmSculpt mimics the impact of 20,000 abdominal crunches within a brief 30-minute session! This promotes muscle development and fat burning, leading to a toned body. However, one must keep in mind that “these treatments help reduce fat by 20-25% when combined with good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle which includes some form of exercise,” says Dr Jamuna.


Who is it for? It is suitable for individuals who are looking to improve muscle tone and definition in specific areas of their body. Ideal for fitness enthusiasts, postpartum women, busy professionals, those seeking non-invasive options or candidates for muscle strengthening.

What can you expect? Targeting both muscle building and fat reduction, it leads to noticeable improvements in muscle tone and definition, along with a reduction in stubborn fat deposits. EmSculpt treatments require no downtime, allowing individuals to resume their daily activities immediately after each session. While results can vary depending on individual factors, many people see significant changes after just a few sessions, making it an efficient and effective option for achieving a more sculpted physique.

Ballancer Pro

Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta, Aesthetic Physician and Founder at ISAAC Luxe

What is it? The Ballancer Pro treatment uses advanced compression therapy to boost lymphatic circulation and improve overall health. Dr Geetika tells us, “While it may not directly target fat reduction, its benefits in promoting detoxification and relieving joint pain make it a valuable addition to any wellness routine.” Instead of directly removing excess fat, it focuses on stimulating lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling, eliminate toxins and support detoxification.

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Who is it for? Great for improving lymphatic circulation and reducing swelling, it is commonly used for detoxification, easing joint pains, boosting blood flow and addressing skin concerns. These treatments are suitable for people of all ages and skin types, offering benefits for overall wellness and appearance enhancement.

What can you expect? Results vary, based on factors like lifestyle and health. While some see immediate benefits like reduced swelling and better circulation, lasting results usually come with regular sessions as part of a holistic wellness plan.

Disclaimer: All procedures should be strictly performed under the supervision of a doctor.

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