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Leisha Patidar On Her Content Creation Journey & More

During the monotonous days of the pandemic when we were confined to our homes, social media became our much-needed escape. Content creators emerged as our virtual companions, offering a diverse range of entertainment, spanning from delectable food adventures to lifestyle and fashion inspiration. In the midst of this flourishing landscape, one name stood out: Leisha Patidar, a 20-year-old influencer hailing from Mumbai.

It was in 2020 that Patidar made her entrance into the content creation space, captivating audiences with her snazzy before-and-after transition reels that quickly went viral. As her online presence grew, Patidar realised her passion for becoming a fashion and beauty influencer, solidifying her path in the industry.

The creator embarked on her journey by crafting simple ‘Get Ready With Me (GRWM)’ videos, and in no time, she garnered an impressive following of 850K on Instagram and nearly 50K subscribers on YouTube. What sets her content apart is the enchanting transformation she showcases through her GRWM, transition, and dance videos.

Transition videos and crafting stunning ethnic looks are two genres that she particularly loves to explore. Notably, Patidar designs her own outfits, a talent that propelled her to fame within a remarkably short span of time. When it comes to her content creation strategy, Patidar begins by closely observing current trends, carefully selecting the perfect music, attire, and make-up to match. Her signature transition reels have amassed millions of views, attracting diverse audiences across the digital realm.

HELLO!: How did you get started in the world of beauty and fashion influencing?

Leisha Patidar: “I found myself stuck in Jaipur for a period of six months during the lockdown, with ample free time after completing my 12th standard. It was during this time that I decided to venture into the world of beauty and fashion influencing by creating make-up videos. As I continued to create and share my content, I noticed a gradual increase in its popularity, leading me to where I am today.”

H!: As an influencer, your personal style and beauty choices have a significant impact on your followers. How do you stay true to your authentic self while also keeping up with the ever-changing trends?

LP: “In my view, it’s essential to stand out in everything you do in life, whether it’s embracing popular trends or exploring experimental looks. It’s important to continuously innovate and add your personal twist. As a content creator, I recognise that my followers are influenced by my unique style and beauty choices. To remain authentic, I prioritise staying true to myself while also staying in tune with the ever-changing trends. By infusing my own creativity and perspective into the evolving landscape of beauty and fashion, I am able to maintain my individuality while keeping up with the ever-changing trends.”

H!: Could you share some of your favourite summer fashion and beauty tips with our readers? Any insider secrets you’d like to reveal?

LP: “When it comes to summer fashion in the scorching heat of Mumbai, I absolutely adore wearing bermuda shorts paired with a crop T-shirt. Not only does it help me stay cool, but bermuda shorts are also universally flattering. Another go-to summer outfit for me is a timeless summer dress that exudes effortless charm.

As for my summer beauty routine, I prefer to keep it minimal and fresh. Given the heat and sun exposure, I prioritise protecting my skin by applying copious amounts of sunscreen, followed by lots of blush and lip gloss to add a touch of colour and that summer-y glow.

To keep my make-up from melting in the sun, I have a few insider tricks to share. Firstly, applying a matte, silicone-based primer underneath my make-up acts as a barrier against melting. Additionally, I always dust a bit of loose powder under my concealer to prevent creasing and to maintain its longevity throughout the day. Lastly, I swear by spritzing a setting spray after each step of my make-up routine to lock everything in place and ensure it doesn’t budge.”

H!: In an industry that often emphasises physical appearance, how do you promote body positivity and self-acceptance among your followers?

LP: “In a world that constantly bombards us with unrealistic beauty standards, I have to admit, I used to struggle with insecurities about my body, including my weight and height. Once I shed my self-doubts and started putting out content that truly reflected me, something magical happened. The positive response I received from my amazing audience was like a confidence booster on steroids! Their love and appreciation played a pivotal role in fueling my journey towards creating authentic content that celebrated my true self.

As I started embracing my so-called ‘flaws’ and wearing them like the armour they are, my audience took notice and were inspired to rock their own skin with confidence. They saw me owning my imperfections and loving myself, and it empowered them to do the same.”

H!: Which TikTok/Instagram trend was your favourite to participate in? 

LP: “I loved the trend of dancing to Libianca’s song ‘People’ and also the make-up transition trend sparked by the song ‘Kill Bill’ by SZA.”

H!: Who’s your all-time style inspiration/icon?

LP:Priyanka Chopra, always.”

H!: Apart from Priyanka Chopra’s MET gala beauty look that you recreated for us, which other celebrity looks were your favourite and why?

LP: “I loved Dua Lipa’s entire look, and also Rihanna’s. Their ensembles did justice to this year’s theme and were flawlessly executed to say the least.”