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Everything You Need To Know About The ‘Hair Fillers’ Trend

With various factors such as ill health, stress, pollution, heat and post-pregnancy, among others, contributing to hair loss and thinning, many of us are on the hunt for ways to achieve thicker hair. However, the available options can often be underwhelming. From questionable daily supplements to an endless array of scalp scrubs, serums, and lotions that add more steps to your routine with no guarantee of results, it can be frustrating to navigate the sea of options.

Also, it’s perfectly normal to see changes in your hair as you age, especially as you approach your 40s. As with everything else in our bodies, our hair changes with age in a number of ways. Enter the new trend of ‘hair filler,’ a revolutionary solution that aims to deliver fuller-looking hair without the hassle. This is one of many treatments with great potential as a powerful remedy for hair loss.

Hair fillers have become a buzzword in the beauty industry, with hairstylists and dermatologists touting their bond-building ingredients as a way to achieve fuller hair. These days, the term encompasses a range of options, including strategic extension placement, keratin-infused treatments, and even permanent solutions for baldness. No matter the method, the goal remains the same: achieving luscious, voluminous locks. So, get ready to say goodbye to lacklustre locks and hello to a luscious mane with this game-changing treatment.

Whether you have fine or damaged hair, a receding hairline, or just want added thickness, there’s a hair filler solution for you. Intrigued? Well, here’s everything you need to know about the hair trend.

Hair extensions to boost volume

Keratin bond extensions have been a popular choice for stylists to add volume to thin or fine hair for a while now. These extensions are applied to the hair strand by strand and then bonded to the root using heat, providing a semi-permanent solution that lasts for about three months. When used strategically, these extensions can be a great way to add hair filler where it’s needed most. For instance, many people opt for a few extensions around their temples or more in the face-framing area for a fuller appearance in problem spots.

However, it’s important to note that getting in-salon keratin-bonded extensions can be time-consuming and expensive, particularly if you’re looking for a full head. If you want a more cost-effective way to use extensions as hair filler, clip-ins can be a good option. Many brands offer clip-ins in various textures and shades that can be cut by a stylist to match specific hair lengths, resulting in a seamless blend.

Bond-building treatments to repair damage

If you’re dealing with damaged and rough hair, bond treatments may be a semi-permanent solution worth considering. These in-salon treatments are categorised as hair fillers because they penetrate deeply into the hair cortex, repairing and filling the damaged bonds within. Bond treatments typically contain nourishing ingredients like collagen, elastin, and keratin, which help strengthen and moisturise the hair, resulting in a healthier appearance. By reconnecting broken bonds and restoring their integrity, these treatments can work wonders for repairing damaged hair.

Numerous in-salon treatments are available to repair hair bonds, but Olaplex, for example, is considered the pioneer in this category since its launch in 2014 and continues to receive high praise. The treatment involves a two-step process that employs bond-building technology to permeate deep into the hair shaft and assist in restoring it from within.

Olaplex also makes at-home products such as the famous Hair Perfector No. 3, a weekly treatment that helps to repair your hair. More brands have jumped into the bond-building game recently, which means you have options.

Powder concealers to camouflage bald spots

If you’re dealing with hair loss, a receding hairline, or a thinning part, a topical hair filler solution may be just what you need. Spray-on hair powders are an easy and low-maintenance option that can be used daily or for special events. These powders contain keratin and silica, which bind to your natural hair fibres to create small hair fibres that add volume and density to your hair.

The powders that are available in the market come in a range of shades to match your hair colour and can be easily brushed onto your hair. While this temporary fix only lasts until your next hair wash, it’s a great way to camouflage bald spots, fill in your hairline, and create body and texture with minimal effort.

Injectable hair fillers to boost new hair growth

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a popular hair filler option in dermatology. The treatment involves drawing a patient’s own blood, which is then put into a centrifuge that separates red blood cells from plasma. The plasma, which is rich in growth factors and platelets, is then injected into the scalp to stimulate hair growth, thickness, and density. Scientific studies have shown that PRP can be effective in increasing hair count and thickness, as well as extending the growth phase of the hair cycle. However, the treatment can be costly and requires periodic touch-ups every six months or so. Experts recommend consulting with a physician if you’re experiencing hair loss for over three months, to rule out any underlying factors such as hormonal imbalances.

Ultimately, experts agree that hair filler is a broad term and can take on various meanings, but one thing is for sure: it has the power to elevate your confidence. Imagine achieving fuller, healthier, and shinier locks, even if it’s just temporary. If you’re still uncertain about which hair-filling treatment is best for you, don’t hesitate to seek the advice of a professional hairstylist. Be clear about your concerns and let their expertise guide you towards the best solution for achieving voluminous and luscious hair. Trust us, they know best!