Kriti Sanon Nighttime Skincare Routine© GettyImages

Kriti Sanon’s Nighttime Skincare Routine Has A Hidden Gem

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Aside from being one of the most popular Bollywood actresses of the moment, Kriti Sanon is also a skincare enthusiast. The celebrity understands the importance of having a tailored skincare regime and the importance of knowing what works for your skin and what doesn’t.

The Mimi actress recently shared her nighttime skincare routine on her YouTube channel and gave her fans a glimpse of how she maintains her smooth and glowing skin.

“Skincare, for me, is a form of self-love. It’s me-time. A routine that I look forward to. I feel good that I’m taking care of myself and dedicating that time to ME. While mornings are simpler, the nighttime is more fun as I choose what I wanna go for. Had too many requests for sharing my Night-time SkinKare. So here you go..(sic),” wrote Sanon, under the video.

The actress swears by the power of double cleansing. Her routine has her adding rose water to her face, post cleansing, to ensure her skin remains damp for the optimal absorption of the products that follow.

A niacinamide toner and a hydrating serum are the next steps in her routine, followed by a gentle retinol serum. Sanon clarifies that she does not use retinol every night and varies products depending on how her skin is feeling that day. She adds a moisturiser with ceramides and cautions the viewers to not forget the neck!

She concludes her routine by brushing some castor oil and olive oil on her lashes and brows and applying a generous coating of lip balm to her lips. Sanon also shares her secret tip here by revealing that she uses a little bit of the lip balm on the side of her eyes as a “little trick to prevent crow’s feet”. Genius?

It goes without saying, but before you try out any celebrity or influencer-endorsed skincare routine, it’s best to consult a professional or do a patch test of the products to see how they’re working for you. But, take a cue from Sanon and learn what your skin wants and tailor your skincare regime accordingly!