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8 Beauty & Wellness Habits That Keep Karisma Kapoor Young

It seems like Karisma Kapoor has discovered the fountain of youth, because how else does she manage to look the exact same decade after decade? The ’90s It-girl is basically a walking template for the ‘clean-girl’ aesthetic, which is why we’re investigating her beauty and wellness routine, stat.

So, what’s the secret to her age-defying beauty? The actress has often revealed her trusty make-up and skin care rituals online that have helped her achieve such enviable skin, and lucky for you, we’ve rounded up her best-kept secrets. All it takes is a bit of dedication and extra TLC for your skin.

The actor’s social media pages are rife with casual no-make-up selfies, glamour shots, and tidbits of her fitness routine, pushing us to wonder how she does it all. The Dil Toh Pagal Hai actress also shared how she perfects her flawless selfies: “You just need two things: great lighting and absolutely no filters.”

Don’t forget to hydrate

This is an age-old habit that Kapoor swears by. It’s no secret that dry, dehydrated skin is a breeding ground for wrinkles and fine lines, and tends to make you look older, which is why the actress’ beauty mantra for glowing skin is to drink plenty of water and healthy fluids. Sipping on water or other nutrient-filled fluids throughout the day can help give you healthy and moisturised skin. Following this habit can also boost skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles and blemishes.

Never skip your SPF

Kapoor never steps out of her house without slathering on some sunscreen, donning a pair of sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat. She’s stated in many interviews that people often make the mistake of forgetting to wear sunscreen or skipping it altogether, which can lead to severe skin damage.

Whether you’re sitting at home, going out for a walk or even if it’s a dull gloomy day, you should always protect your skin with SPF. Sun damage can manifest as pigmentation, burns and can even cause cancer, so this is vital. Moisturising daily and using a good sun block is a habit she stands by.

Have breakfast like a king

Kapoor likes to switch it up for her first (and most important) meal of the day. You can scroll through her Instagram to find her eating chia pudding, berries, toast and omelettes for breakfast. “I have a balanced diet, I eat very normal food like eggs and toast,” she shared in a video interview this year. As for her favourite fruits? “Banana, kiwi, mangoes. I like all the berries.”

Work out regularly

Kapoor knows the importance of getting in a workout whenever she can, as consistent practice can boost metabolism, improve immunity and overall health and wellbeing. Whether she’s at Hyde Park in London, on a hotel balcony in Monaco or stuck at home during lockdown, a Yoga session is an inalterable part of the actress’ daily routine. “In order to stay fit, I usually opt for yoga and a brisk walk around the compound,” she shared in an interview.

Follow a fuss-free skincare regimen

Kapoor loves inspiring her fans with the boldest make-up looks, but the one thing that stays constant throughout is a clean base with glowing skin shining through. Not unlike in other areas of her life, Kapoor has a system when it comes to her skincare. “My family (especially my sister, Karisma Kapoor) swears by a mix of almond oil and yoghurt applied to the face for a good 30 minutes,” Kareena Kapoor Khan had once revealed in an interview. Apart from home remedies, she likes to stick to an efficient three-step routine that works.

“A lot of things here and there keep changing as we grow older, of course. The needs of our skin keep evolving, but I have always followed a three-step process that hasn’t changed over the years—cleansing, exfoliation and moisturisation,” the older Kapoor confirmed. And, if you thought Karisma layers on a number of products before going to bed, you’re wrong. The actress swears she uses limited products and one of them is an oil-based serum at night. Since your skin renews itself every night, a good serum creates a barrier and prevents external agents from settling on the skin.

Skip the heat tools for your hair

Leaving out the heat tools, whether it is a hair dryer or a straightener, can help your strands stay strong, lustrous and less prone to breakage in the long run. Heat can break down the keratin structures in the hair, so air-drying whenever you can, like Kapoor, is key to maintaining good hair quality and texture. With her #messyhairdontcare photos, it’s clear that she’s happy to leave her hair alone when she’s off duty.

Use lots of blush for a youthful glow

Even if she has just a few minutes to get on the road, Kapoor makes sure to swipe on some blush to her cheeks to add a flushed glow to her skin. In fact, even when she’s on-the-go, she has to have it on hand. “Lots of kajal, lip gloss and some blush,” are her travel kit essentials. Kapoor is often seen experimenting with bold red lips, coloured eyeliners and funky eyeshadows juxtaposed against her bare skin. And, while she’s down to try out of the box beauty looks, she’s careful not to go overboard. Her secret? Focusing on only one area at a time, like her eyes or her lips. When Kapoor leans into a bold eyeshadow moment, she keeps the rest of her make-up nude, letting one feature take the spotlight.

Remove your make-up before bed

This one is a no brainer. When it comes to maintaining her youthful complexion, the actress shared that no matter how tired she is, she always gets rid of her make-up before going to bed. The star then applies an oil-based serum and a face cream to finish off.

It’s very important to cleanse your face every night, because the skin cells renew themselves while you sleep and leaving your make-up on can hinder this process. Make-up is made up of oily substances which can clog your pores and lead to skin reactions, acne or tired and dull skin.

We’re adding all of Kapoor’s beauty and wellness habits to our New Year’s resolutions list, and you should too!