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Paris Hilton Talks About India & The Launch Of Ruby Rush

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Nayare Ali

She came, she saw, she conquered! The Hilton heiress made quite a splash during her chock-a-block trip to India. HELLO! caught up with her for a candid chat on her love for fragrances, fashion and more.

There’s a flurry of excitement in the private chambers of a luxury hotel in Mumbai, where a select few are invited for a one-on-one with this international beauty. After several false announcements, the statuesque lady appears, dressed in a glittering powder blue co-ord set — quite the contrast to the red ghagra she had donned for a meet-and-greet earlier in the day.

At first glance, Paris Hilton resembles a Barbie doll. Tall and svelte, with flawless skin minimally made up, her blue eyes radiating warmth. Paris belies her age (she’s 41!) and displays remarkable grace with all gathered starstruck around her, no hint of impatience despite being strapped for time during her whirlwind trip to India.

“This is my seventh trip to India, and it’s so wonderful to be back! Everything looks so beautiful tonight, and I’m happy to be here, dressed in Indian clothes,” she tells the crowd, soft spoken and gentle, ahead of the launch of her perfume brand, Ruby Rush, put together by Parcos. Following the formalities of the launch, Paris gets candid with HELLO! for a quick tête-à-tête on her brands, love for fragrances and setting Y2K fashion trends both on and off the runway.

HELLO!: Over the years, you transformed your identity into a well-established brand. Did this happen organically, or did you put conscious thought into it?

PARIS HILTON: “I’m a creative person at heart and really enjoy being involved in the entire process when it comes to my brands. For my fragrances, in particular, I love coming up with a concept, meeting perfumers and working closely with my team.”

H!: Your newly established media house is being talked about extensively. Can you throw some light on it? 

PH: “Yes! The name 11:11 comes from my favourite time of the day. 11:11 brings all my companies under one media entity, and every day is so different! From board meetings and speaking at conferences, to advocating for children’s rights at Capitol Hill and DJing at a huge music festival, I aim to use my platform to inspire and empower people.”

H!: You seem to have a finger in every pie. What do you do for some downtime?

PH: “I love getting massages and facials! I also like taking bubble baths with candles.”

H!: How have all your visits to India been? What did you expect to experience during this trip?

 PH: “I’m so proud to be launching Ruby Rush in India. It’s such a beautiful country with a rich culture. I’ve visited seven times already. I’m so excited to be sharing my fragrances with the people of India.”

H!: You’re quite a fashion icon. Any thoughts on that? 

PH: “Y2K fashion was iconic. I love seeing some of the trends I started on the runway and on social media. It makes me feel proud when people say I really helped define that era of fashion!”

H!: How did you venture into the business of fragrances? 

PH: “Since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved fragrances. It was a natural step for me to create my own. In 2004, I launched Paris Hilton For Women. It’s been the most amazing experience. Since that became a best-seller, I launched 27 perfumes, including my latest, Ruby Rush, which I’m so proud of!”

H!: You travelled to India specially to launch the Ruby Rush brand. What is the USP of this fragrance?

PH: “Ruby Rush is unique because it combines fruity, floral and woody tones with touches of edible delights like vanilla for an unforgettable aromatic experience. It’s designed to evoke the colour red and empower you — which is so hot!”

H!: Among all the perfumes you launched over the years, which one’s your favourite? 

PH: “My first ever fragrance, Paris Hilton For Women, is probably my favourite because it started my journey with fragrances. Ruby Rush is my 28th, though each one is so special to me. I currently wear Ruby Rush all the time for different occasions because it’s such a versatile scent.”

H!: Define a Ruby Rush woman. 

PH: “She’s confident in her skin, loves wearing the colour red and ‘sliving’ (slaying + living) her best life!”

This story has been adapted for the website from a story that was originally published in Hello! India’s December 2022 issue. Get your hands on the latest issue right here!