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These Are Rashmika Mandanna’s Best-Kept Skincare Secrets

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Not only does Rahsmika Mandanna have the best sari collections out there, but she is also one of those celebrities whose skin looks effortlessly smooth and healthy.

The actress regularly shares her glammed-up looks on the red carpets and photoshoots, but it’s her off-duty, clean and scrubbed looks that caught our attention.

In an older Instagram post, the Goodbye actress admitted that she earned her clear and smooth skin after many ordeals, most of which we regular, non-celebrity folks also face.

But, thankfully for us, Mandanna listed down the salient skincare tips that she followed that saw her through the rough beauty patches over the years.

“I have combination skin (which sucks- truly) & everything that I am talking about is based on my experience,” she wrote as a caption for the post, adding that she is speaking from her own experience and that people should consult their dermatologists before following any skincare hacks or tips online.

Rashmika Mandanna Skincare Secrets

Here are the top five skincare tips that she swears by and advises everyone to follow as well…

Get An Allergy Test Done

Mandanna noted that most Indians are not acutely allergic to things but it’s still wise to get a test done. “I am allergic to most veggies like cucumbers & tomatoes & capsicums & even potatoes[(ahhh.. I miss em French fries) but who would’ve thought right] but two years ago my skin was bad.. but I remember I did everything right.. but why is my skin still not clean? So then I got an allergy test & I started ignoring all the foods my body doesn’t accept & today I don’t have that many issues with my skin.. yaaaay! (sic),” she wrote.

Clean Eating

Most experts would corroborate Mandanna’s claims that the easiest way to have healthy and glowing skin is from the inside out. Clean eating is essential for clear skin. “Know what your body accepts (like I said in the previous point) which doesn’t mean eat every other junk or oily foods & dairy foods.. study your body.. (see how your body reacts to what) cut down on things which you know will make your skin oily. (sic),” she wrote.

Sun Protection

This one goes without saying, but the actress drives home the point by insisting that you should never leave your house without applying skincare.

Vitamin C

Aside from eating well and slathering on sunscreen, Mandanna believes in the restorative powers of a good Vitamin C serum. Even though she insists it does wonders for the skin, she advises consulting a dermatologist before adding it to your routine.


Simple and super effective, this tip is not only great for skincare but for a number of health issues. “Drink water..it helps in more ways than you realize.. at least 2 liters of just WATER (sic),” she wrote.