Blush Hack© Hailey Bieber

This Blush Hack Will Give You The Most Radiant Glow Ever!

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Achieving glowing, dumpling-like skin needs a lot of effort. From layering your skincare routine properly to using the right kind of make-up products, the blushing dumpling effect takes long but, thanks to the Internet, we just found a way to get that glowing look in less than five minutes.

Make-up artist, Shruti Bhatt took to Instagram to share the easiest way to recreate the naturally blushing look, that too with just three products. All you need is a pink lip liner, an illuminating foundation or skin tint and a setting spray.

Want to get that glowing blush that makes you look like a radiant dumpling? Then, take notes people!

Step 1: Take a pink lip liner in your ideal blush shade and create a zig-zag line across your cheekbones. Make sure to create the line on the points where you normally prefer wearing your blush.

Step 2: Next, swipe across your illuminating foundation or skin tint on the zig-zag line.

Step 3: Finally, spray some setting spray on your beauty blender or brush and just blend it all in. You will instantly see a natural glow on your cheeks with the slightest hint of blush peeking through. And that’s it, it’s that simple!