The Mean Girl Hairstyle© Instagram

The Mean Girl Hairstyle Is Here To Spice Up Fall

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Pop culture always plays a big role in creating beauty and fashion trends. While our favourite chick flicks and rom-coms have always blessed us with iconic style inspiration, the internet seems to be now taking cues from our favourite leading mean girls.

Yup, the slicked-back pony, the voluminous blowout, headbands and high ponytails are officially back. The ever-flawless hair look that doesn’t budge even after working on an elaborate plan that almost destroys the main character’s life is the energy we need in our lives. It also so happens that Y2K takes inspiration from our favourite mean girls like Regina George, who loved a good side-part moment. Hair accessories, especially, play a key role in every mean girl’s life, like Blair Waldorf, who would not be caught dead without her signature headband.

Recreating the mean girl hairstyle is all about getting the small details right, and here are some of our favourite looks that you can make your new go-to hairstyles.

Skyscraper Pony

Ariana Grande has always had a mean girl aura that we just cannot get enough of, including her signature high ponytail.

Chic Half Pony

A true blend of a mean yet soft hair look that makes everyone guess if you truly are a mean girl. The half-up pony with a velvet bow screams ‘I’m a sweetheart but will not hesitate to spread mean rumours about you’.

Headbands For The Win

It’s safe to say that even after 15 years, a mean girl look is incomplete without a headband. Blair Waldorf would be so proud!

A Ribbon Moment

The ultimate mean cheerleader captain look that we absolutely love, a high mid-pony with a chic ribbon is all you need to elevate literally any look.

Sleek Side Part

The Y2K favourite, the sleek side part with a cute clip is having a moment this season and we couldn’t be happier.

Big Blowout

It’s impossible to be a mean girl without having hair so big that people think that it’s filled with secrets. The volumising blow-out will make sure that everyone’s attention is on you.

’70s Layers

Messy face-framing layers are the ’70s mean girl look that truly deserves its time in the spotlight.