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Have You Heard Of The French Illusional Manicure?

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Looking for a new nail art trend to try this month? We’ve found the perfect manicure that will take your nails to a whole new level. Enter, Illusional French nails that have been blowing up on social media with almost 48.8 million views on TikTok. Unlike your classic French manicure, these nails are all about creating an optical illusion with the classic or reverse ombré French manicure. The optical illusion is achieved by painting the base and the tip of the nails in inverted colours to create a trippy look.

Cool right? So make a trip down to your nail salon and ask your technician to give you the ultimate nails of the season.

Warm Nude Nails

Love a good nude nail moment? Add some warm pink tones and this will be your new favourite manicure.

Snowflake Whites

This winter season, keep it effortlessly simple with these pearl French illusional nails that will bring in some snowflake energy.

Grinch Nails

Feel like channelling your inner Grinch? Then opt for these vibrant green nails.

Starry Illusion

Add some starry sparkle to your end-of-the-year festivities with this glittered French illusional manicure that will absolutely brighten up your nights.

Monochrome Nails

Are you someone who loves to keep it monochrome and simple? We just found the perfect manicure for you!

Berry Reds

Reverse illusion ombré nails are perfect for anyone who loves to add some bright hues to their manicure.