Fairytale Hairstyle© Instagram

The Fairytale Hairstyle Is The Ultimate Fall Look

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Is the fairytale cottage core your vibe of the season? Then maybe you might just be as obsessed as we are with the fairytale hairstyle. A style that not only makes you feel like a fairy but also look like one, this hairdo is delicate, floral and brings out the perfect feminine vibe.

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With bows, florals, and soft waves flooding our discovery pages on social media, it’s only fair that we embrace the vibe for the cosy fall season. But the best thing about this style is that you don’t have to splurge to achieve the look. Instead, all you need are some scattered ribbons and tiny Baby’s Breath and you are good to go.

Thinking of giving the Fairytale hairstyle a try? Here are some versions that will provide ample inspiration.

Classic Waves With A Bow

The go-to cottage core hairdo that will always remain on-trend is this new addition to the fairytale hairstyle with its soft, fairy-esque elements.

Fairy Braids

In true fairy fashion, multiple highlight braids with tiny ribbons are the ultimate ethereal look of the season.

Butterfly Clips

Nothing screams ‘fairytale’ louder than butterfly clips on your loose curls. So, it’s time to bring out those butterfly clips from your high school days and get right into the fairycore vibe.

Floral Waves

A fairytale hairstyle is incomplete without some wave. You can make your soft, wavy hairstyle even more beautiful with tiny pieces of Baby’s Breath that will be perfect for your dream fairytale life.

Classic Schoolgirl Braids

The braided hair look that you hated back in school is now the essential cute girl look. You can even elevate it by adding your favourite tiny danglers into the braids to bring that chic edge.

Braided Bun

Turn your go-to dutch ponytails into the perfect braided bun and finish the look with a large bow to make yourself feel like you are the main character of a romantic fairytale story.