French Manicure Hack© Charlotte Emily

This French Manicure Hack Will Save You A Trip To The Salon

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

When we think of the ultimate manicure, we can all think of the classic French tips. The clean white French tips on a pink, nude base colour are chic, effortless and forever timeless. And while we do see many variations of the French manicure on the Internet, nothing can really beat the OG.

Many times we do run to our go-to nail salon to get the French manicure, but for all the times we need a quick fix, we find ourselves in a full-blown mess. Creating the perfect, minimal white tip is sadly not as easy as it seems, especially when you don’t have the greatest hand at creating freehand lines. But thanks to the Internet, we’ve found a super easy hack that can give you a perfectly clean french tip in just a few seconds!

The viral French tip stamp hack is not just easy, but can be done with just a silicone blender from your makeup pouch!


Step 1: Start off by adding a base coat to your nails. Make sure that the colour of your base coat is as close to your natural nail colour and has a slight tint of pink.

Step 2: Once the base coat is completely dry, take the white nail polish that you will be applying to your tips and apply it to the silicone blender.

Step 3: Then, immediately press the tip of your nail into the blender with the nail colour. If you want your tips to be thin, don’t press your nails too deep. But if you want the tips to be slightly thicker, then sink the tip of your nails a little further. Once done, clean the edges of your nails with a cotton swab.

Step 4: Finally, finish off with a clear top coat and let your nails dry.