Sheer Black Gloss© aoifeartist

Sheer Black Gloss Is What You Need This Spooky Season!

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

With the spooky season around the corner, it’s obvious that we’re going to see a lot of black and violets on our favourite make-up mavens feed. And sure, black is a really bold colour to work with, the DIY black lip gloss trend is making waves on the Internet and we’re not complaining.

Introduced on TikTok by make-up artist and creator, Aoife (@aoifeartist), this super easy hack can transform your clear gloss into a sheer black gloss that looks stunning on all skin tones. You can create the black gloss wherever you are and all you need are two things—a black liquid lipstick and clear lip gloss.

Step 1: Take a little bit of your favourite black liquid lipstick and apply it on the back of your hand. Then, take a clear lip gloss that you don’t mind parting ways with and with the help of the applicator, take the lipstick from the back of your hand and mix it with the clear gloss.

Step 2: Once you have mixed it well and the clear lip gloss looks more like dark grey, you are good to go!

Pro Tip: You can line your lips with a nude lip liner that has a slight hint of pink in it and top it up with the sheer black gloss to get the perfect black cherry lip. You can also use the gloss as a blush to get a perfect dark berry blush.