Halloween Nails Art© Kats Clawz

The Spookiest Nails You Need To Try This Halloween

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

It’s October, which means that we are just a few days away from Halloween! It’s time to ditch those french tips and glazed nails for something that is fun, eccentric, and matches your vibe for this month.

And while you go out and get the best costumes for the night, might we suggest elevating your nail game too! Here are some of our favourite Halloween nails that you need to try this season.

Bloody Halloween

Minimalist yet super fun, elevate your classic red french tips with some theme essential blood drops that take your manicure to a whole new level!

Spooky Webs

Take on the classic Halloween colours of orange, black and white with some curvy french tips that are perfect for the spooky season.


Love a classic French manicure? How about adding some tiny cute ghosts in it? Classic, simple and super cute, the shapeless ghost manicure is super easy and can even be recreated at home!

Starry Tips

Channel some witch energy onto your nails with some stunning starry nail art on a dark blue ombre nail and you might just have the perfect nails for the season.

UFO Calling

This Halloween, aim for beyond the stars, maybe even some unknown galactic planet with these super alien nails. It’s simple yet super fun, making it perfect for the Halloween festivities.

Sticks And Bones

3D nails for Halloween season? Yes, please! Probably the coolest nails of the lot, reflective skeleton nails are perfect for any outfit you choose for the night of terror!