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These Beauty Websites Offer More Than Just Products

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

The beauty industry has evolved so much in recent years. From advancements in technology to improving consumer relations, many brands around the world have taken it upon themselves to create something different and unique that is truly a game changer for the customer.

Beauty Brands with Unique Services

So, we rounded up some of the most popular beauty brands and websites that provide services like none other, and that should be on your radar because they know what their customers want.


Investing in new skincare and beauty products can be a risky task, especially if you’re purchasing an expensive product for the first time. In such cases, you often find yourself resenting the expensive full-sized product sitting on your shelf, because it does absolutely nothing to your skin. But thankfully, websites like Trykiya offer customers sample-sized versions of some of the most popular beauty products at great prices. They are a lot more affordable than the full-sized product, so you can actually test it out at a fraction of the cost to see whether the product works for your skin. If yes, you can just buy the full-sized product from them!

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Need to get your hands on some of the best skincare products asap? Kult is the place you need to go! The Indian beauty app allows you to buy some of the most popular Indian and International beauty products and also offers you a same-day delivery service if you live in Mumbai. It’s perfect when you don’t do well with patiently waiting for your package to arrive or need to stock up ASAP. The app also gives you a list of curated skincare products that focus on your major skin concerns.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow App

Having the perfect brows at all times is quite important in today’s beauty world. And while it’s really hard to find someone who can help you get the perfect eyebrows for your specific face shape, beauty brand Anastasia Beverly Hills launched an app that will help you up your brow game in no time. The free Brow App first starts by asking a series of questions about your brows and then enables a virtual try-on that helps them recommend you a brow shape and colour. The app will also show you how you can take care of your brows and recommends masterclasses that will help you achieve your dream brows.

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Chanel Lip Scanner App

A completely unique app that will help you find a shade from literally anywhere, Chanel’s Lip Scanner app offers more than just trying on lip colours virtually. The app can help you colour-match the objects around you as well as your favourite pictures. Once it scans the object or the picture, it will find the exact colour and help you shade-match with their lip products. You can then try the shade on with the virtual lip colour try on and see if it looks good on you. Once you are satisfied with the shade match, you can then go ahead and purchase your new favourite lip product.

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We have all tried monthly make-up subscriptions but how about changing things a bit and adding some fragrances to the mix? The Scentbird subscription is a mystery box that curates and gives you some of the best designer and niche fragrances based on your personality and mood. You can also pick and choose fragrances that you want to try and they will send them to you in sample sizes of 8 ml. This subscription is perfect for anyone who is trying to find their statement fragrance and wants to experiment with perfumes without spending a lot of money. Scentbird comes with a subscription period for a single month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months, so you can choose whichever works best for you!

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