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5 Beauty Hacks That Your Favourite Celebs Swear By

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Eesha Kulkarni

Gone are the days when celebrities were cloaked in mystery and alluded to hardly anything related to their personal life or daily routine, while preferring to remain elusive. Today, celebrities have turned into open books for their fans and don’t mind sharing their best kept beauty and lifestyle secrets in order to build a meaningful connection with their followers.

If you’re in tune at all with the beauty scene, viral beauty, and make-up trends, then you know that there are many that have a celebrity’s stamp of approval. Ahead, you’ll find the ones we’re currently obsessed with, and you should be too. These handy, easy-to-replicate beauty tricks are sure to amp up your make-up and skincare game, given that they have struck a chord with so many people on the internet and dictated viral trends.

Hailey Bieber’s ‘glazed donut’ skin and nails

If you’re a fan of Hailey Bieber’s ‘glazed donut’ sheer-glitter chrome nails which have been making waves on social media lately, get ready to be an even bigger fan of her minimalist skincare routine, developed to achieve the supple, hydrated and glazed skin of your dreams. The supermodel, entrepreneur and fashionista has always advocated for clean, conscious and accessible skincare and beauty routines, and is now letting us in on her best-kept secrets over the past few years. Bieber has carved her own niche in the world of skincare and cemented her position as a beauty influencer on social media by sharing bite-sized pieces of advice, tips and tricks—which consistently seem to enjoy viral status on the internet.

The skincare junkie’s fuss-free beauty and wellness philosophy struck a chord with enthusiasts across the world, which is why her newly-minted skincare line, Rhode, achieved cult-classic status in no time. It is no surprise that the collection has been sold out everywhere ever since its launch in June.

Bieber’s beauty hacks include mixing Rhode’s peptide fluid with your foundation to give you a glowing-from-within look or even gliding it onto the high points of your face for a subtle and dewy highlight over your make-up. While doing your skincare, she recommends locking all the moisture from the peptide fluid with her Barrier Restore Cream to achieve healthier and more hydrated skin over time.

Hailey Bieber’s ‘brownie glazed lips’

Another make-up hack helmed by Bieber that’s been doing the rounds on the internet, is her ‘brownie glazed lips,’ featuring a humble brown lip liner and clear gloss to achieve gorgeous, plump lips. In the viral TikTok video, Bieber shared her ‘fall lip combo’ and whipped out a Scott Barnes nude brown lip liner in the shade Naomi, and drew a ‘heart’ shape in the centre of her lips to lend a contoured and plumped illusion to them. She then diffused and blended the liner gently with her fingers to give them more dimension and depth in the centre. The beauty guru topped this off with a shiny, clear, hydrating lip gloss to reveal visibly fuller lips.

Selena Gomez’s highlighter under the eye hack

Now, this one sounds like a hit-or-miss kind of a situation, we know—but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! In a TikTok video recently, the beauty mogul reached for a Rare Beauty liquid highlighter in place of her usual concealer and applied it on her under-eye area to brighten it up. To finish the look, she blended a light foundation over it, leaving behind a remarkably dewy and bright-looking under-eye. This hack added a sparkle in Gomez’s eyes and instantly brightened her entire make-up look.

The ‘W-shaped’ blush under the foundation trick by Rare Beauty

Another viral trend brought to us by Selena Gomez is the blush under your foundation hack for a fresh, sun-kissed look. This trend involves using copious amounts of blush and applying it on your face before you put on any foundation or concealer, to give you that ‘blushing-from-within’ subtle and youthful glow. To achieve this look, all you have to do is generously apply liquid blush from one corner of your face to the other, covering both cheek areas and the nose. This is where the ‘trust the process’ part comes in—blend the blush out and then top it off with a tinted moisturiser or a light foundation to finish your base make-up. The perfect hack to get that ‘no make-up make-up’ look, even our in-house beauty aficionado, Reisha Shetty is a fan.

Priyanka Chopra’s DIY sea salt lip scrub

One of the most iconic facial features that superstar Priyanka Chopra Jonas is known for are her naturally full and plump lips, and we all want to know the secret behind her signature pout. Chopra recently revealed that she uses a time-tested homemade lip scrub to get rid of dead skin cells and dryness and keep her lips healthy and hydrated. The entrepreneur, movie star, mother and wellness-advocate stays true to her traditional Indian roots and opts for heirloom skin care therapies that are easy to replicate and can be whipped up using simple pantry ingredients.

To make this exfoliating and hydrating sea salt lip scrub, Chopra throws together a few pinches of sea salt, pure glycerin and some rose water to help soothe the skin. She then massages this concoction onto her lips gently, making sure she’s scrubbing off all the grime, dirt and flaky skin to promote blood circulation and skin cell turnover. Chopra then wipes off the excess to reveal plump and hydrated lips. With ingredients so easy to find, we’re excited to adapt this step into our beauty routines, stat!