It Girl Hairstyle© yukistylist

The Middle Flick Is The New ‘It Girl’ Hairstyle Of The Season

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

In the last few years, curtain bangs have become a signature look for many since it’s perfect for anyone trying to add some structure to their face with a certain amount of softness. But if you’re looking for a 2022 rendition, look no further than curtain bangs’ sister haircut that is an innovative take on the ’90s supermodel blow-out.

The middle flick bangs bring in the perfect amount of volume to your face and is a lot easier to maintain than curtain bangs. This fall, it’s safe to say that the middle flick will be everywhere, so it’s time to book an appointment with your hairstylist and get the look of the season.

What is the middle flick hairstyle?

Middle flick bangs are a mid-length layered style that brings in more volume and movement to your locks. It is an extension of the bouncy bangs but has a more retro edge to it. The bangs move around your face with the ends pointing outwards.

What to ask your hairstylist?

It is important to ask your stylist for the length of your longer bangs to graze the top of your collarbone. This helps in adding more bounce to your locks and makes them look more voluminous. For your shorter bangs, make sure that they are placed somewhere near the bottom of your nose to the middle of your lips, this will help add some more structure to your jawline while also framing it effortlessly. This hairstyle works best for fine to medium hair and is perfect for every face shape.