Dirty Martini Nails Trend© Unsplash

Dirty Martini Nails Are All You Need To Survive This Work Week

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

In need of a serious cocktail to get through the week but don’t want to consume those calories? We’ve got you! This fall, we’re seeing olive (the colour, not the twist in your martini) making the rounds everywhere, especially on the feeds of our favourite nail art enthusiasts.

And even though olive makes for a great fall colour, we prefer it in a martini. Enter, Dirty Martini nails! Believe it or not, olives can look pretty quirky and fun on your nails. So, take some inspiration below and sport that olive manicure, stat!

Love to keep it minimal? Tiny, hand-painted olives on your bare nails make for a cute and fun manicure.

Artistic martini nails with gemstones? Yes, please! Update that minimalist olive manicure by adding some martini glasses and brown-toned gemstones to add some sparkle.

Simple, fun, and very artsy, this manicure is all about going down the abstract route when it comes to your nails. Bonus: this look is easy-peasy and you can recreate it at home.

Take your simple version up a notch by giving yourself a reverse french in olive colours. Easy to sport and easier to love.

Hesitant to jump on this trend wagon? Do as ‘It’ girl Selena Gomez and start out small with the perfect shade of olive on your talons that’ll remind you of that dirty martini.