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Food Inspired Beauty Products You Need To Try ASAP!

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Food and beauty have had a very special relationship since forever. With brands always wanting to reinvent themselves by creating products that stand out, many have decided to take the route to their consumer’s hearts through their stomachs, and it surely works.

So, here are some of our products that combine food and beauty together perfectly!

Whipped Cream Sunscreen

The star of the hour, Vacation’s Classic Whip Sunscreen has flooded every beauty lover’s social media feed. With a look and texture that’s identical to regular whipped cream, the sunscreen is quite lightweight and blends in quite effortlessly.

Brown Sugar Scrub

Applying brown sugar on your face instead of adding it to your brownie batter might sound weird but it’s one of the best scrubs on the market. Klairs’ Gentle Black Sugar Scrub melts into your palms almost immediately, leaving your skin feeling super smooth and soft.

Wine Lip Tint

Lip tints that make your lips look like you had some fine wine are all that we need in life. Many beauty brands, such as Aliver Beauty have created lip tints that look like a bottle of wine from the outside and come with a tint applicator that gives yoyr lips a deep red tint. It’s very pigmented and long-lasting, making it a necessary addition to your make-up kit.

Ketchup Lipgloss

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty’s collaboration with MSCHF not only grabbed eyeballs but also our taste buds. The collaboration consisted of a box with six tomato ketchup sachets, some filled with red lip gloss and some with ketchup in them. The catch was that you would only find out which was which once you opened the sachets!

Candy Lip Smacker

Every ’90s kid can remember how cool this beauty product was. Lip Smacker chapsticks had collaborated with many beverage and candy brands, coming out with their own unique collection of chapsticks with different flavours that tasted just like their favourite beverage and candy. This was everyone’s first and favourite beauty product back in the day and still holds a very sweet place in our hearts.