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Manushi Chhillar Has No Beauty Regrets, Except This One

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Former Miss World and newly-minted Bollywood star Manushi Chhillar is radiant as she steps into the hotel room where I’m waiting to quiz her on the secrets of the aforementioned radiance. For public service, you know.

Along with her foray into the world of acting, Chhillar has also been newly appointed as the face of Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair campaign.

It’s a match made in beauty heaven, as Chhillar claims Estée Lauder has been a skincare companion for a long while. “I love that (the Advanced Night Repair serum) is for all age groups and all skin types. It has the power of seven serums in one so it’s a perfect skincare companion for everyone,” said Chhillar, adding, “It’s something that is easy to use, the bottle is easy to carry if you’re travelling. It gives you protection during the day, which is great for your morning skincare routine and it repairs your skin as well, which makes it perfect for your nighttime skincare routine.”

Speaking of nighttime skincare routines, the actress eschews complicated, more-than-10-steps routines that all your favourite beauty influencers swear by, for a simple but effective one.

“Removing my make-up is a must,” she says, “I follow that by cleansing my skin, using the Advanced Night Repair Serum and then a moisturiser.”

Chhillar claims that she has learnt the power of less is more when it comes to all things beauty. One of the beauty hacks that she has learned and been surprised by its effectiveness over the years is perfect if you want your make-up to look absolutely natural. “One of my go-to beauty hacks is to break the concealer with face oil. It makes your make-up look less cakey. So sometimes if you don’t need much coverage, you can use it in your foundation or concealer to make your make-up look more natural.”

She adds that, while she has no beauty regrets from the past, this is the one hack that she wishes she knew earlier.

Chhillar’s beauty mantra ties in with her beauty philosophy of keeping it all-natural, “My beauty mantra is to be confident and happy with who I am. It has a lot to do with self-care and self-love!”

She leaves me with one final piece of advice that she guarantees will make anyone look like a star in a pinch, “Just carry everything with a beautiful smile.”

BRB, looking into quick hacks for a Miss World-esque smile now!