Jellyfish Hair Color Trend© Mari Trombley (@sillyyerba)

Jellyfish Hair Is The New Beauty Trend In Tik-Tok Town

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Fashion and beauty have always been about experimenting with different and unique styles, and finding something that truly resonates with you. Last year, the iconic ‘80s mullet made a comeback in the most GenZ way—it was unique and quite different from how the look was back in the day. The new mullet, also known as the ‘shag mullet’ was edgier and chic in comparison to its older version. And while this hairstyle had a good run, we’ve now been blessed with another hairstyle that resembles the mullet but is very unique.

Jellyfish hair has taken over social media thanks to its edgy style and spunk. The haircut basically imitates the shape of a literal jellyfish, which has two major layers. The first, outer layer looks like a short bob that should preferably reach the midsection of your ears. The second, inner layer can be as long or short as you prefer and can also be in bright colours.

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What To Ask Your Hairstylist?

Ask your stylist to add some soft layers in between the two major layers to make the style look a lot softer and chic. Make sure to keep the outer layer short so that you can play around with the length of your inner layer. If you want to be more on the edgy mullet side, ask your stylist to keep your inner layer shorter along with some layers in your outer layer.

The best thing about Jellyfish hair is that you can experiment with the style however you like. You can braid your inner layer while adding some texture mousse to the outer layer to make it look more messy yet chic. If you love playing with colours, make your hair your dream canvas and add multiple colours, giving it a very mystique look.

Either way, if you’re looking for a hairstyle update, Jellyfish hair is what you need to try.