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5 Viral Beauty Trends: Do They Work Or Not?

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Over the last few years, social media has introduced beauty mavens everywhere to clever hacks, life-saving tricks, and must-have new products that have changed people’s lives.

And sure, we’ve found some life-changing beauty hacks,but we’ve also encountered some clickbait beauty trends that have disappointed us to our core. So, we took it upon ourselves to try out the five most popular beauty hacks on social media to figure out, once and for all, if they really work. Here’s the verdict.

Lip Liner Lift Hack

Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist Mario dropped a major lip liner hack that took over the internet. The artist and entrepreneur shared his technique for getting perfectly lifted lips, sans the needles. All you need to do is apply lip lines above your cupid’s bow and on the centre of your bottom lip to make it look fuller. This easy beauty hack is the inexpensive and non-painful version of lip botox, making it perfect for anyone who wants a fuller pout without spending too much money.

Verdict: It works!

Vaseline Lash Lift

Getting long, curled, thick lashes is on everyone’s to-do list (right?). Enter the Vaseline Lash Life. For this hack, you need to apply a little bit of vaseline to your eyelash curler and gently clamp your lashes down for 10-15 seconds. While we did expect our lashes to look more defined, curled, and thicker, it made almost no visible difference. Not to mention, they felt heavier thanks to the petroleum jelly. So, this hack definitely doesn’t work.

Verdict: Doesn’t work!

Kate Moss Bronzer Hack

A one-step bronzer hack that can give you cheekbones just like Kate Moss, this beauty trend was every lazy girl’s ultimate favourite. All you need to do is take your favourite bronzer and just dab some product onto your cheeks with your fingers, making sure that your placement is close to the lips. You can also blend it upwards with your fingers to create a soft contour. The verdict? This hack gives you perfectly sculpted cheekbones with little effort.

Verdict: It works!

Concealer Blush Hack

Do you often find that your concealer can’t tackle those dark circles? This super easy hack not only conceals your under-eye area but also brightens it. All you need to do is add a little bit of concealer underneath your eyes along with a dab of your favourite blush and blend it together with a brush. The blush acts like a colour corrector and complements the concealer.

Verdict: It works!

Smile Lines Concealer

Hiding smile lines without botox is practically impossible, even if you have the best concealer on hand. This viral beauty hack promises to hide away fine lines with just concealer and setting powder but, sadly, doesn’t live up to the hype. Start off by creating a triangle around the corners of our nose (where the smile lines are visible) with a concealer and blending it with a small blending brush. The final step is to top it off with a setting powder. While it seems like a perfect hack, it doesn’t actually work.

Verdict: Doesn’t work!