Billie Eilish Nails© Getty Images

Billie Eilish Just Shared Her Go-To Nail Care Product

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Anybody who knows Billie Eilish knows how much the singer loves her manicures. Her super long, over-the-top nails have been a part of her persona, just like her hairstyle. While having long extensions is quite fun, if worn repeatedly, it can cause damage to your natural nails.

Recently, during an interview with Vogue, the ‘Happier Than Ever’ singer shared a secret that has been a game changer for her nails. Eilish shared that her trusted nail artist, Tammy Taylor introduced her to Thymolize, which is great to keep your natural nails healthy, especially if you love acrylics or gel manicures. The seven-time Grammy award winner shared that she usually applies Thymolize after filing and buffing her nails. Eilish applies just a drop of the product on her nails whenever she feels that her nails are weak. She also loves using cuticle oil to add some moisture to her nails, and also because “it’s adorable.”

Billie Eilish is also a major fan of at-home manicures and loves to pamper her loved ones with a manicure session.,“I would give my ex-boyfriend a full manicure all the time because I love to do it,” Eilish shared. “If anybody’s having problems with their nails I’m like, ‘come here’.”

And there you have it, a nail care tip that’s going to make sure your nails are healthy and shiny all year long.