Siren Eyes Beauty Hack© Getty Images

Siren Eyes Are Having A Major Moment Right Now

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Social media has yet again introduced us to a beauty hack that can completely change the way you look. With ‘snatched’ being the beauty buzzword for all seasons, siren eye make-up is now the hottest TikTok-approved trend doing the rounds. In the last few weeks, the beauty trend has spread like wildfire with the hashtag #sireneyes crossing over 139 million views on TikTok.

Named after the Greek mythological creature, Siren, who was known to be a dangerous, feminine creature that enchanted sailors and ships with her bewitching music and singing, Siren eye make-up is said to draw people’s attention to the eyes, elongating them and giving them a lifted look. Sounds gorgeous right?

So, here is how you can create the perfect siren eyes.

You Will Need

  • Black Pencil Liner
  • Black Eyeshadow
  • Highlighter or Glitter
  • Pencil Blending Brush


Step 1: Take your favourite black pencil liner, draw a line from your eye's outer corner, and stop just above the crease.

Step 2: Now, connect the line from the crease to the lashes, creating that perfect black wing. Once you’ve filled the wing, connect its end by drawing a line across your upper eyelid. You can also fill the upper and lower waterline with black eyeliner.

Step 3: Then, with the eyeliner, draw a small, subtle line on the inner corner of your eye on the upper lid and join it to the liner.

Step 4: Fill your bottom lash line with black eyeliner and finish it up with your go-to volumizing mascara.

Step 5: Once that’s done, go over your liner with a black eyeshadow and blend it in with a brush. For the extra pop, add some glitter eyeshadow to the inner corners, and you’re good to go.