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Hypnotising White Eyeliner Is Having A Major Moment Right Now

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Graphic eyes have been quite the trend this year. In fact, many people are trying to move away from the regular, classic winged eyeliner and are now experimenting with the wildest colours and designs that come to mind. But if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, graphic liners can get a little tricky. Lucky for you, there’s a new trend that’s that’s causing a stir on social media. White eyeliner dots, created by beauty TikToker Michelle Diaz, enhance your eyes without going overboard with the eyeshadow.

To create this minimalistic yet super gorgeous eye look, all you need is a highly pigmented white eyeliner. While looking straight in the mirror, take the white eyeliner and draw a single dot in the centre of your lower lash line, then one dot right below your eyebrow, another white dot in the inner corner of your eye, and a fine dot on the outer corner. Make sure that all the dots are in the same line and are balanced. You can also let your creativity run wild by adding some more white dots to your look.

This make-up trick gives your eyes a dreamy, fairy-like effect while also bringing in a cool graphic element, making it a fun look to sport literally any day of the week.