The Clean Girl Essential© Selena Gomez

The Half Lash Hack Is The Clean Girl Essential For Effortlessly Long Lashes

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Everyone loves big, full, voluminous lashes that can make you look like a straight-up anime character. But with the clean girl era going strong in the beauty world, long lashes are still essential, with just a little less drama. Creating the perfectly sleek and foxy eye, the half lash hack is the one beauty trend we just can’t get enough of. While it does give the end of your eyes the perfect amount of length and volume, it also gives you a very natural look.

If you are wondering how to get the perfectly natural-looking lashes of your dreams, this is how.

You Will Need

  • False Eyelashes
  • Beauty Scissor
  • Lash Glue
  • Tweezer


Step 1: First apply a coat of your favourite mascara onto your natural lashes. This will help the false lashes blend in more effortlessly.

Step 2: Now, take a beauty scissor and cut about ⅓ of the end of the lash. Then, take the longer lash and add some lash glue to it.

Step 3: Once the lash glue has become slightly tacky, pinch it onto your natural lash from the middle of your lashes to the outer corners. This will make your lashes on the outer corners of your eyes a lot fuller yet natural.

Pro Tip: If you feel like your false lashes are not blending with your natural lash line, just apply a thin layer of eyeliner and you’ll be good to go.