Hair Colour Style© Chris Appleton

Colour Sweep Is The Perfect Low-Maintenance Hair Colour Style That You Need To Try

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Making multiple trips to the salon every time your balayage grows out is not only exhausting but also very heavy on the wallet. But now, there is an upgraded version of the classic hair colour style, and that is called the ‘colour sweep’. While it’s similar to balayage, colour sweep is all about creating highlights that blend in seamlessly with your natural hair, even if you haven’t touched it in months. In fact, this colour tends to get a lot better as it looks more blended with time. The trick is to hand paint the colour onto your hair, which is quite similar to getting highlights but creates a much softer and natural look.

This is the ultimate low-maintenance hair colour style that is super chic and gives your hair an effortless look. And here are some colour inspirations that you can share with your trusted hairstylist on your next salon visit.

If you have an olive skin tone, a caramel colour sweep will be perfect to bring some sunkissed warmth to your face.

An ashy blonde colour sweep is perfect for anyone who wants to go lighter for the summer, while also staying true to their roots.

Sandy beige is a shade that suits neutral skin tones quite effortlessly, so if you are leaning towards going towards a cool-toned ashy brown colour, this is the one for you.

A colour that you just can’t go wrong with, a milky brown colour sweep is perfect for beginners.