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5 Rainbow Make-Up Looks To Flaunt Your Pride This Month

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Hasina Khatib

Pride is a year-round look, but the month of June is a good time to commemorate the Stonewall riots of 1969 and demonstrate support for LGBTQ+ rights, whether you are part of the community or looking to be an ally. And while this month can be a wonderful time to educate ourselves on the movement, you can also advocate your support in other ways, such as inviting some multi-coloured hues into your palette inspired by the rainow flag.

Here, we round up all the inspiration you need from the country’s finest homegrown names and content creators:

Rainbow-hued pop art

The abstract nature of comic book-inspired make-up means that you can turn your face into your canvas—there is no right or wrong here. For further inspiration, take notes from Deep Pathare whose rainbow-inspired make-up can be easily recreated at home with contoured lines and white shapes.

Graphic face art

If you thought that bold make-up was only for Halloween, allow Pathare to prove you wrong. The young content creator chose to level up his pastel ensemble with a statement necklace and a galaxy-inspired make-up look offering a gradient interplay of all hues on the rainbow.

Bold rainbow eyes

Swap the classic black smoky eye in favour of a rainbow-hued iteration—Shantanu Dhope shows you how. With an ombré of carnival-esque hues on each eye, he chose to round out the look with illustrations of sparkles and stars that you can easily DIY at home with an eyeliner pencil.

Multi-hued floating crease eyeliner

Not a fan of maximalist, more-is-more eye make-up? Why not take cues from Jason Arland instead, whose cut crease eyeliner will find a fan in the most hardened minimalist. Follow his lead and add a bevvy of colours to your palette to flaunt your pride wherever you go this month.

Blended smoky eye

You don’t have to be an artist to cop Joan Dominique Rai’s statement eye make-up look, simply reach for a rainbow-hued palette and get blending as you create your own masterpiece. Head turns guaranteed.