Criss-Cross Ponytail© Kirsty Elizabeth

The Criss-Cross Ponytail Is Having A Major Moment Right Now

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

As we endure scorching summer heat, it’s time to try hairstyles that are not only cute but also keep frizz at bay. And while we’re talking about cute hairstyles, the trendy ’90s criss-cross pony has recently been doing the rounds on social media. The easy-to-do hairstyle is not only fun but can be achieved in just mere minutes, without using extensive products and tools—all you need is a tail comb and a few hair elastics.

Whether it’s for a fun day on the beach or date night, the criss-cross ponytail is the hairstyle you need to try this summer.

How To Get The Criss-Cross Hairstyle

Step 1: Comb your hair and create a clean middle partition with the help of the tail comb.

Step 2: Next, section out two small square sections of the hair in the front portion of your head and tie them with small hair elastics.

Step 3: Once the two ponytail sections are secured, twist one section, pull it over to the other side and add a small section of your hair and tie it with an elastic. Repeat on the other side to create the perfect criss-cross design.

Step 4: Finally, finish the look by backcombing the top of your pony and setting it with some hairspray to bring in more volume and hold.

Pro Tip: For a fun and Coachella-inspired update, braid both ponytails after they’ve been secured at the crown.

Another way to ace this look is to braid the two sections from the top of your head while dividing the two back sections into a simple pony. Then, pull the front braid back and pull the pony from the back section through the braid. Repeat on the other side as well to get an elevated criss-cross braid.

So, are you excited to give this hairstyle a try?