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Milky Bath Nails Is The Dreamy Nail Trend You Need This Summer

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

A dreamy summer nail trend that has gotten approval from our favourite celebrities, milk bath nails is the manicure you need to try this season. A manicure that transforms your nails into the softest and prettiest nails, the milk bath manicure, much like its name, is all about having a base colour, a soft blend of white and baby pink, creating the perfect milky shade. You can also experiment with designs to incorporate more summer elements like dried flowers and floral patterns. The milk bath nail also works brilliantly for any bride who wants to take the minimalistic route on her special day. And the best part about this manicure trend is that it looks great on all nail lengths!

So, this Summer, ditch the bright vibrant colours and go for these subtle milk bath nails for the dreamiest nails ever.

Classic Milk Bath

Alia Bhatt’s classic milk bath nails were the perfect bridal manicure we have ever seen. The soft and subtle look complemented the bride’s white embroidered saree effortlessly.

Floral Milky Ombré

A milky ombre with watercolour petals is the prettiest summer combination you can opt for this season.

Naturally Milky

Perfect for literally every skin tone, light milky nails are for anyone who loves to keep it classic and simple without going overboard.

Glitter French Tips

It is impossible to not fall in love with silver glitter french tips, especially when they’re on a warm-toned milky base.

French Swirls

Bring in the French swirls for a graphically chic manicure if you want to add some glam to your classic whites.