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From Priyanka Chopra’s Favourite Rose Gold Mask To Caramel Popcorn Bodycare: 5 Beauty Launches To Add To Cart This Month

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Hasina Khatib

So you apply sunscreen diligently before stepping out, double cleanse at night and moisturise before turning in to bed, but feel like the fun is missing from your routine? After two years spent indoors, it is justifiable to add that spark back to your skincare and beauty choices. Good news comes in the form of a slew of exciting new launches that are heading to the market now to liven up your summer beauty routine. Let’s dive in!


Priyanka Chopra Jonas credits their Rose Gold Brightening Treatment Mask as the secret to her glowing skin, as do Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham. Founded by cosmetic surgeon Dr Yannis and Eva Alexandrides, the British brand is finally making its way to Indian shores with the Nykaa Cross Border Store. Expect revitalising formulas that recreate the magic of in-clinic treatments to help you bring the dermat home.

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Dermalogica BioLumin-C Gel Moisturizer

Dull, uneven skin doesn’t stand a chance against this vitamin C-rich formula that aims to combat damage by free radicals and reveal the skin’s natural glow. Delivered in a weightless formula, the gel texture helps hydrate the skin without weighing it down.

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Nykaa SKINRX Day Moisturizers

The soaring temperatures bring with them the unwelcome guests of oiliness and unexplained breakouts, prompting Nykaa to launch a series of moisturisers targeted at oily skin. The oil-free alternatives, Vitamin C and 5% Niacinamide Day Moisturizers, instead offer a water-based formula that is gentle on oily skin while delivering some much-needed hydration to parched skin during summer.

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Quench Botanics Birch Please Skincare

Birch juice assumes the spotlight for this K-beauty brand as a hero ingredient for flooding the skin with moisture and fortifying the barrier function. Look to the Intense Glow Gel Mask for unclogging pores and deeply exfoliating the skin, before reaching for the Intense Hydration Sheet Mask for delivering the benefits of a hydrating facial.

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Plum BodyLovin’ Caramel Popcorn Range

Why just look like a snack when you can smell like one too? The vegan bodycare brand appears to have found an answer to this question with its new range that recreates the smell of sizzling caramel popcorn for an indulgent skincare experience. With a scented candle, hand cream and body wash, the range will serve as the perfect accompaniment to leisurely movie marathons over the weekend—just try to not eat it first.

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