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From DIY Skincare Hacks To Her Make-Up Kit Staples, Sayani Gupta Spills Her Best Kept Beauty Secrets

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Pooja Prabbhan Srijith

Multifaceted actor Sayani Gupta shares the secrets behind her glowing complexion, confidence, and more with HELLO!...

HELLO!: What does ‘beauty’ mean to you?

Sayani Gupta: “An extension of your whole personality. It’s not just about how your face looks; it’s you as an individual.”

H: What’s your current beauty obsession?

SG: “The Dior lipstick collection. I’m obsessed with the matte range. The texture is beautiful and feels like second skin!”

H: Are you a minimalist or a complete hoarder?

SG: “I’m unapologetically a complete hoarder! Interestingly enough, I don’t use all the products I have. I just love to hoard a lot of them, buying things that catch my eye.”

H: What are the five things you don’t leave the house without?

SG: “My house keys, wallet, phone, some mint — and a mask, of course.”

H: What’s the weirdest compliment you’ve received? 

SG: “A few months ago, at a health resort, a girl remarked how great my skin looked without greasepaint or a filter. She went on to say how she never thought my bare skin could look as good as it did on my posts. I just thanked her in response. It was weird but funny.”

H: What’s a DIY skincare hack you swear by?

SG: “I believe in the power of coconut oil. The one from Kama Ayurveda is amazing and does wonders to my hair and skin. I also swear by Boroline. As a Bengali, I can’t not use Boroline. It works like magic; it really repairs my skin overnight.”

H: What’s a piece of beauty advice that truly helps?

SG: “The only rule I follow is to be confident in your own skin. It’s the best advice I’ve given myself! “

H: What has been your most expensive make-up purchase?

SG: “My lipstick collection — trusty picks from Dior and Chanel again. It’s a treasure trove, really!”

H: What was your last impulse buy.?

SG: “I recently picked up a lot of sheet masks — around 40 mostly really expensive ones. I’m hoping they’ll be worth it. I also bought a few Armani highlighters, which can be used with your base.”

H: Who’s a beauty icon in your book?

SG: “I like people who age gracefully, who take imperfections in their stride. That said, I adore Nafisa Ali, Waheeda Rehman and Sharmila Tagore. It’s so inspiring and also reassuring to see these women age gracefully and so beautifully. They’re not any less beautiful than they were younger, and that inspires me. My mom, too, has aged beautifully. I also believe that what you look like is reflective of what’s inside of you and the way you think.”

H: What are the three must-have handbags for women?

SG: “You must have a nice, roomy tote that can accommodate everything you need, a good backpack, and a small sling. I love crossbody bags, smaller ones that can store all my essentials hassle-free while travelling.”

H: What’s non-negotiable in your skincare routine?

SG: “I don’t really have a daycare ritual. I just religiously put on sunscreen and do it all the time. I use sunscreen even when I’m inside a flight. My night-time ritual includes slathering on creams that work on my skin.”

H: What are the skincare products you always get refilled?

SG: “A good moisturiser and, of course, a dermat-approved sunscreen.”

This story has been adapted for the website from a story that was originally published in Hello! India’s April 2022 issue. Get your hands on the latest issue right here!