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Ashley Graham Shows Off Her Postpartum Body In An Instagram Post, Thanking It For Going Through So Much

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Whether it’s being honest about her body issues or parental struggles, Ashley Graham always shared an unfiltered version of her life with her followers. The model recently gave birth to twins Malachi and Roman in January and posted a picture of her bare belly to celebrate completing three months since her delivery, captioning “Hi, new tummy. We’ve been through a lot. Thank you.”

Ashley’s Instagram post received a lot of love from her followers and celebrities for her honesty and transparency. One Instagram user also wrote “Thank you for this because I’m 2 months postpartum and seeing how beautiful you look is really empowering for those of us struggling with the way we look. You are stunning and I love this!”

Ashley Graham has always been a positive source of inspiration for women around the world. She has often spoken about her journey with body image issues and how she has always pushed herself to be proud and happy with her body. So if you’re having bad body day, look to Graham for some positivity.