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Instagram Accounts That Marry Art And Beauty Perfectly

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Make-up is an extremely personal, and expressive, form of art. Today, it’s more than just a smokey eye or glossy lips; people are using make-up as a way to escape their reality and indulge in a world that makes them feel comfortable and beautiful. A true artist doesn’t really need a canvas to create art—a good set of brushes, some colour, and their face works just as fine.

So, here are some of our favourite artists that are redefining beauty with their artisitic make-up looks.

Rowi Singh @rowisingh

The one who made gemstones cool again, Rowi Singh has changed the make-up world with her updated rhinestone make-up looks. The Australian-born make-up artist often takes inspiration from her Indian heritage, culture, and art. Singh, who is a worldwide name in the beauty industry has now worked with some major brands like Rihanna’s make-up line, Fenty Beauty as well as Anastasia Beverly Hills. Her goal? To make the industry more inclusive and encourage other south Asian women to embrace their heritage with pride.

Mona Leanne @monaleannemakeup

Mona Leanne has a very vibrant aesthetic when it comes to Art and Beauty. The UK-based make-up artist discovered the beauty of make-up just like the rest of did—by painting her own face. Though she loves experimenting with artistic make-up, she is also known for her subtle glam looks that are a favourite among many stars. For her, make-up is a therapeutic way of escaping real life and also a means of expressing herself and her identity to the fullest. The make-up artist has previously worked with Little Mix, Vivienne Westwood, Camila Cabello, and many other stars.

Kiki Nafig @kikoisokay

A make-up artist that has coined the trend of the decade, “exaggerated girliness”, Nafig is worth mentionung in this list. Taking inspiration from Drag Queens and the LGBTQI+ community, Nafig finds comfort in creating extremely detailed, artistic make-up looks. Having grown up in Malaysia, she draws inspiration from her childhood to forge an aesthetic that’s uniquely her.

Ana Takahashi @anatakahashiii

The London-based make-up artist has an artistic style that often fluctuates from soft and romantic to artistic and punk. While her Instagram account started as just a hobby, Ana Takahashi currently has 91.4k followers who are as obsessed with her art as we are. In her initial days as a make-up artist on Instagram, Takahashi often found herself creating looks that would be liked by her followers but soon realised that pushing her artistic boundaries was the only way to make make-up a therapeutic hobby.

Lyle Reimer @lylexox

For this Canadian artist, anything can create art, even things that he would randomly find on the street. Lyle Reimer prefers to address himself as an artist more than a make-up artist, who loves experimenting with juxtaposition. He loves the concept of “ugly pretty” and he often creates looks that are a blend of high fashion and recycled trash. Reimer takes inspiration from memories and experiences to create art that always represent his point of you.

Harshleen @harshleenjhans

Whenever we think about Harshleen, the first thing that comes to mind is her viral Avengers reels where she recreated each character as a make-up look. Known to be experimenting with various styles and aesthetics, Harshleen always gives a glam edge to her looks. The artist is blessed with transforming herself into any character so effortlessly with her unique skill and immense talent.

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