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5 Ways Skincare Has Transformed Post-Pandemic

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Even with the world steadily returning to its pre-pandemic ways, it’s evident that we’re never going to be the same again. Masks and hand sanitisers have become an unconscious staple anytime you step out of the house and we’ve started policing ourselves when it comes to crowded places and social distancing protocols. Another big change that has settled over the world is a subtle shift in our beauty philiosophies. When before, in a pre-pandemic world, make-up reigned supreme as the top beauty practice, it’s all about skincare now.

Skincare became one of the top focus of many as we found ourselves unable to leave the comfort and safety of our homes. Zoom calls and virtual meetings didn’t require a full-face of make-up and you could get away with a bright-coloured lipstick and a swipe of mascara, leaving room for skincare to sweep in and take over our beauty routine.

Here are a few ways in which this has affected our skincare routines in a post-pandemic world…

DIY Treatments

Social distancing protocols dictated that we couldn’t step out and go to our favourite salons and dermats to pamper ourselves with skincare treatments. This meant DIY facials and other beauty treatments. According to experts, many people were more brave in trying intense beauty treatment as they figured that even if the treatment went wrong, they can heal without stepping out of the house.

Repair Mode

The aforementioned tidal shift to DIY treatments also meant that many people went overboard with trying out products with active ingredients and methods that would otherwise require expert supervision and guidance. The rise of non-experts on Instagram also increased the amount of misinformation available online. Skincare expert Charlotte Palermino told The Cut that if you’ve messed up your skin barrier, you need to be gentle with your facial skin now. This means it’s back to basics for most people as they get their skin back to a healthy working order.

The Rise of ‘Skinimalism’

The post-pandemic skincare world is all about naturally healthy, glowing skin that you can get without pilign on products that could potentially harm your skin. ‘Skinimlaism’ as a trend really took off after the lockdowns and requires you to cut back on products that you don’t really need. According to experts, extensive skincare routines that require you to layer actives over actives might make your skin look nice and glowing for some time but are actually harmful for it in the long run. This trend is all about deconstructing these intense routines and making it more sustainable in the long run.

Skincare Make-up Hybrids

With a world that’s become a hybrid of post and pre-pandemic rituals, it’s only fair that our beauty routines get the same treatment. Make-up products that have skincare properties, serum-based foundations or argan-oil infused lip products, have started becomign popular. On the toher hand, many beauty experts have recommended using skincare products to replace make-up, like face oils in place of highlighters.

Sunscreen Reigns Supreme

If there’s one thing that hasn’t budged from the top priority list in this new world order, it’s sunscreen. Skipping this step in your everyday routine, even if you work from home, is a big mistake. Experts have recommended that you stick to the same sunscreen routine (once every couple of hours) if you want to avoid sun damage because harmful UV rays will not spare you even if you’re sitting in the safey of your house.