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Lizzo’s Advice On Reclaiming Your ‘God-Given Confidence’ Is Something We All Should Follow

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Between hosting SNL for the first time and launching her new shapewear brand ‘Yitty’, Lizzo shared her insights into how she managed to reclaim her “God-given confidence” after years of insecurities.

In an appearance on the Today show, the ‘Juice’ singer spoke about staying real on social media, despite having a total of more than 33 million followers across Instagram and Tik Tok, and where her confidence comes from. “This is who I am, all of me— where does that come from?,” she said, “I feel like we’re all born confident. And I think as we get older, we start to develop insecurities.” The singer admitted that not seeing herself represented on the screen caused feelings of self-doubt to rise in her, “I think I just kind of started to tear those insecurities down and reclaim the confidence I was born with, my god-given confidence that we all have.”

Body positivity and confidence are something that has always been associated with Lizzo, especially because the singer chooses to celebrate her body with her music and celebrity persona. The singer has also been vocal about the body positivity movement being co-opted by midsize and skinny women while leaving behind plus-sized women who actually started the movement.

The Grammy winner also launched a reality show, Watch Out For The Big Grrrls, in March where 13 plus-sized dancers competed to become a part of Lizzo’s backup dancers.