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Forget Basic Nail Art, Here Are Some Fun Yet Elegant Looks That Every Bride Needs To Try

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Many women choose to take the classic and simple route when it comes to their wedding nails. Let’s be honest, classic french tips are every bride’s go-to nail style for the big day. But, it’s time to spice things up.

While sticking to safe, not-too-loud talons might be the best bet considering every bride’s closet is filled with a range of colours for different event, it’s always fun to create nail art that doesn’t stray too far from classic styles. But with so many unique and fun nail art looks making rounds on the internet, finding the perfect wedding nail art is a lot harder than it looks.

Bridal Nail Art Designs

So, if you don’t want to spend a couple of hours after every event finding the perfect nails to match your outfit, we’ve narrowed down some styles that will complement your every bridal look. Start bookmarking!

Celestial Love

Simple yet so pretty, the golden celestial star is absolutely mesmerising and is perfect for every bride who loves to sport minimal glam on her talons.

French Pearls

If you are a French tip loyalist, then this just might be the nail style for you. Elevate your classic french manicure with tiny pearls that will add just the right amount of elegance to your look.

Written In Love

It’s the elevated, cuter rendition of the classic nude nails. Just add yours and your special one’s initials on the ring finger and we guarantee the subsequent ‘awws’ that will follow.

Shimmering Ombré

Add some sparkle to your lives and to your nails with an ombré glitter tip which are perfect to match every single outfit during your wedding. The 2022 version includes playing with marshmallow colours like lavender.

Bedazzled Tips

Your wedding is the only time for you to go all out, even when it comes to your nail art. Ditch regular colours altogether and opt for a bejewelled nail tip that will add the right amount of glam to any outfit.

You're Golden

If you’re a desi bride and need to bring in an element of gold that can go with all your bridalwear looks then this is the nail art for you. Golden chrome tips are chic while also being Indianwear-appropriate, and perfect for brides that like taking things up a notch.