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Here’s How You Can Get Shiny, Frizz-Free Locks With Hair Slugging

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Last year, we found ourselves investing in the popular skincare routine, slugging. And with good reason! As we applied multiple layers of hydrating products to our skin, we saw how the routine made our painfully dry skin supple and soft.

A popular Korean skincare practice, slugging traps the moisture in your skin, ensuring it’s hydrated for longer. This technique went viral on Tik-Tok and Instagram, with beauty lovers all over the world trying out the skincare trend. And this year too, the trend is back—but with a slight twist.

Slugging is now something you need to indulge in when it comes to haircare. With its benefits of hydration and moisturization, slugging helps rejuvenate dry and damaged locks.

So, take out some time this week and give your hair some TLC. Here’s how:

What Is Hair Slugging?

A practice that is quite popular in south Asia, Hair Slugging focuses on adding an extra coat of product, preferably a leave-in oil, on your hair to retain moisture. It’s also suitable for all hair types, textures, and lengths, and can be customized according to your hair’s health.

How To Slug Your Hair

1. At night, apply a moisture-locking product like your favourite hair oil or serum to your hair. Spread it evenly and make sure to avoid the scalp.

2. Next, take a clean, fuzzy sock and pull your hair into it.

3. Secure the sock with a scrunchie by tying it into a ponytail. Keep it on overnight.

4. In the morning, shampoo and condition your hair as you normally would.

Pro Tip: If you are doing this routine in the morning, use non-sticky, lightweight hair oil or serum so that it can be rinsed off easily.

We know, oiling hair has been a childhood memory we all know and remember. But the 2022 update involves trapping in the moisture with a sock, so why not give that a go?