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Feel Like Your Favourite Character By Trying Nail Art Inspired By Your Favourite TV Show

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Getting a manicure is one of the most therapeutic activities to do. Now with masks the mandate across the world, people are resorting to expressing themselves through their nails. Not only can you tell a person’s aesthetic by looking at their nails. you can also guess what their current favourite show is. Each show has its unique mood board and bringing that art style to your nails can be super fun.

Here are some of our favourite nail art looks that match our Netflix favourites.


If you have watchedBridgerton and have an eye for attention, this manicure style might be your new favourite. The Bridgerton family has always portrayed their love for this specific shade of blue which can be often seen in their clothes and home decor. And this graphic french manicure radiates the perfect (and proper) Bridgeton vibes.


Green gemstones paired with vibrant colours scream Euphoria. The focus is a lot on the characters and their individual make-up looks, almost making them a part of their personality. This mint-green nail look with gemstone stars is something Maddie would love to try.

Sweet Magnolias

The feel-good show that is all about faith, hope, and friendships, Sweet Magnolias radiates warm, happy energy. And therefore, delicate white flowers paired with simple yellow nails are the perfect representation of the Netflix show.

Sailor Moon

If you love Anime and subtle nail art, this look might just be your new favourite manicure. Representing Sailor Moon’s uniform, the blue and white french tips with tiny hearts are perfect even for people who just love cute manicures.

Scream Queens

One of the most cutely evil yet chaotic shows, Scream Queens’ aesthetic is all about pink. So it would be impossible to not include some hot pink jelly nails with matching french tips that Chanel Oberlin would approve of.